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AdDynamo is a pay per click program which is a good alternative to Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog with AdDynamo and get paid in your local currency.


Before you start earning with addynamo you most have your own blog (website).
What you need to know when opening an Addynamo account.

Addynamo offers two payment method. They pay in dollars via Paypal or addynamo debit card or via direct deposit to your local bank account in your local currency. If you are a Nigerian reading this post, then i urge you to sign up with AdDynamo as a Nigerian and choose the direct deposit payment method so that you can receive your earnings deposited right inside your bank account at the beginning of each month. But if you already have a Paypal account and you wish to use the addynamo dollar account instead, then proceed with it.


This step by step guide is for opening an Addynamo Naira account for Nigerians or dollars Account.

1. Go to the Addynamo official website here
2. Then click on the “Publishers” button and click “Sign Up”
3. You will see the “Sign up” form. Enter your contact details, your blog url address as requested on the page and select your country . Then choose”currency you will be paid in” to Naira or dollars and click on the next step button.
4. You will be directed to “Payment preference “Give us your Bank details”.
5. Enter your bank account information in the spaces provided in the next page. You will be asked to enter your selected bank sort code, just enter any 8 digit number there (if you don’t know the bank sort code) and proceed. The bank sort code you entered will be updated automatically with the correct sort code.
6. Select your ad preferences and enter the security code provided then click “complete registration” button. that’s all with the registration.

How to insert your first Addynamo ads on your blog.

If you are already conversant with how Google ad code implementation works, then Addynamo works in the same way. Although you will have no difficulty implementing this codes on you blog even if you are a newbie. just follow this steps below.
1. Log on to your Addynamo account, on the dashboard click on “Channels tab”.
2. Just click on the first icon you see by the left hand side of the channel you want to generate the ad code.
3. The generated ad code will pop up, copy the codes and paste it in your blog. That’s all.
Start driving traffic to your blogto increase your earnings. If your you have blog mobile templete just like mine you can also aynamo mobile ads code.

the minimum payout thresh hold for Addynamo as at the time of writing this blog post for Naira account is N5000. But do not click on your ads or ask your friends to click on them to increase your earnings. You will only be punished if discovered try to be real.
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