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>BBM for Windows Phone BETA Now Publicly Available

Starting today, all owners of Windows Phone 8 and up devices can head over to the Windows Phone Store and download the BBM for Windows Phone application, which has been released in a Beta version as of now.

BBM for Windows Phone
The application has been available in private beta testing for the past few weeks, and BlackBerry has finally decided to make it available for all users out there, just as announced last week.
The application comes with a nice range of features, including BBM Chats, which allows users to easily get in touch with their friends either via one-on-one conversations or in multi-person, or group chats.

BBM Chats involve not only simple text messages, but also voice notes, location info, and photos from the handset’s gallery. Moreover, BBM will allow users to see when their messages were read or delivered.

BBM also comes to Windows Phone with an experience specifically tailored for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, which includes the modern look & feel of Windows Phone, as well as the possibility to easily pin BBM Groups and 1:1 chats to the Start screen.

The app also boasts BBM Groups, which enables users to add up to 50 people to a conversation, so that users can chat and share content with more people at the same time.

Moreover, the app brings BBM Friends, which means that you will be able to easily invite friends to be included on your BBM contact list straight from the app, through sharing your BBM PIN.

With BBM Feeds, you will be able to check out the latest status updates and profile photos that your friends have shared, all from within the feed list. Additionally, it allows you to update your own status, to let others know what you are up to.

BBM for Windows Phone BETA focuses on providing users with the speed, privacy and security that millions of BBM users around the world are already taking advantage of.

BBM makes use of PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses, so as to increase the privacy of its users. Moreover, it puts users in complete control of the contacts they add (courtesy of a 2-way opt-in option, you can choose who is able to message you).

According to BlackBerry, version 2 of the application is already under development, meant to deliver even more new features to the owners of Windows Phone devices out there.
“As the popularity of BBM continues to grow, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand its availability to the Windows Phone community,” John Sims, president Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry, said, Nokia Conversations reports.

“The BBM app for Windows Phone is an exciting new chapter for the BBM service, and we are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform.”

BBM for Windows Phone BETA is available for download for free, via the Windows Phone Store. It offers support for all Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices, including those with only 512MB of RAM.


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