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>FG To Sanction Any Defaulting Participant On Metering System – Nebo

The federal government says it is ready to sanction any market participant who compromises on the accountability of the metering system. The minister of power Mr Chinedu Nebo gave the indication on Thursday in Abuja during the formal handing over of grid energy metres to market participants.

The grid energy metres are designed to enable participants like the generation, distribution and transmission companies know the actual energy demanded and supplied. It will also assist consumers and help them to be conscious of the energy consumed.

The minister of power told the market participants to cooperate amongst themselves to guarantee accuracy in billings to ensure that the consumers is not short changed.

“If we have a synchronized system, as I advertised earlier I don’t think this will happen and off course any body that tries to infringe on the integrity of the system will be held accountable and might even have their license withdrawn ”

The challenge however is that not everyone is metered as most of the distribution companies are still practicing the estimated billing system which most customers describe as crazy.

The minster therefore advised the market participants to invest heavily in metering as such is critical to power supply.


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