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>No matter how rich you are, should there be a limit to how much you spend on your young children?

Listen I love designer items, but even I have a limit. Unfortunately I can’t share the pics because its from very private individuals but I saw a pic of a 13 year old Nigerian girl wearing a $3,500 designer dress. I heard she has plenty of those, even a dress as expensive as $5,600. One of her watches is a $21,000 Rolex. Her father is extremely wealthy, even owns a private jet, so it makes sense that he wants to spoil his little girl BUT…shouldn’t there be a limit, especially if they are that young?
Take for instance, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather’s 14 year old daughter, Iyanna, she can’t drive yet but she has a Mercedes Benzs550and G550 (pictured above). She has Hermes bags, diamond watches and a lot of stuff many of her followers describe as obscene for a girl that young.
So what do you think? No matter how wealthy you are as a parent, should there be a limit to how much you spend on your young children?

Lets discuss….


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