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> Iyanya, comedian Wale Gates wade into the Wizkid-Davido war

Pop star, Iyanya Mbuk and comedian, Wale Gate have waded into the ongoing ‘social media war’ between singers,Wizkid and Davido.

The squabble between the two music stars started few days back with what looked like a harmless tweet from Wizkid followed with a cold and not-so friendly tweet from Davido.
Although, the duo did not mention their names in the tweet, fans are aware that they are at loggerheads, and are already making their meals out of the quarrel that is best described as cold war.

Responding to the issue, the Kukere crooner took to his Instagram page hours ago and wrote:
“Stop talking!!! Let’s release more MUSIC!!! Let’s entertain Our Fans!!! Stop The Hate!!! My Prayer is that we ALL make it”
Comedian, Wale Gate, also tweeted “Sometimes you wish these artistes learn a little from the past, open beef between artistes is one of the fastest ways to kill a flourishing career. The problem with beef is that it starts to affect the type of music you make, from making feel good happy music, you start writing ‘war’ songs.

I have been around long enough to know it is pointless and an unnecessary distraction, only the media gains, not even your fans”


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