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The Dangers Of Wearing Fairly Used Underwears

Nowadays, the cost of wearing quality clothes has pushed many into settling down for fairly used clothes.

Okrikaas it is generally called in Nigeria has become a rampant phenomena where no one can cast a stone for never using any second hand product before. If not clothes, it would be electronics, foot wears, home utensils, gadgets or even automobiles!..Yes the list is endless. Whether you give yourself the excuse of getting quality items or less expensive items when it is fairly used compared to its brand new stereotypes (which are generally perceived to be of lesser quality and also expensive), a fairly used item is a fairly used item.

Now let’s talk about why we are here; Fairly Used clothes. While few know the dangers that accompany using a second hand wear but decide to overlook it, many are in total dark. Nonetheless, medical studies have shown many risks this common habit of using second hand clothes might be posing. Although we might not get to notice them almost immediately we are infected and when we do, we tend to deceive ourselves by admitting we got some of these infections elsewhere.

According to Onyinye, a University of Lagos State student, fairly used clothes are better than new because of its quality, she does not see any big deal in even buying and using fairly used under wears. Now, before we move ahead, there are many body warts that generally get disposed in your clothes which can be hazardous. But even not knowing the first user of the clothes you’re buying makes it more compounding which means, you are at risk of “generously” being a prey to every skin diseases, growth and disorders the first user of the clothes has.

Now, when you weigh the risks that come with wearing a fairly used clothing, you will agree with me that like Onyinye has confirmed, wearing a second hand underwear can pose greater threats. This is because most times, our under wears, especially for ladies are a ‘beautiful castle’ for many unknown diseases. Do you also know that Hepatitis B, C, D and G can be transmitted through blood, sweat and semen of infected persons? The yeast fungi which is responsible for the disease can be passed on to a new user if adequate precautions are not taken before wearing them.

However, disinfecting fairly used clothes properly and ironing them as many times as possible before washing can definitely reduce the risk BUT it is advisable not to buy or use fairly used under wears at all due to the stubbornness of the fungus that are involved, which many amount of ironing cannot totally kill.


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