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Did Jonathan Give Chibok Parents Money?

Controversy Over Alleged N100 million Gift From GEJ To Chibok Parents

All eyes are engaged to Chibok village in connection with the alleged 100 million naira gift from the Presidency to the parents of the abducted girls.
Goodluck Jonathan met with the aggrieved parents a week ago, for the first time since the kidnap. It was a closed-door meeting held at the State House in Abuja. The country leader was said to have assured the relatives that his administration is doing everything possible to rescue their children held in captivity for more than 3 months. However there was not a single mention about the cash gift, which would surface days later, Channels TV reports.

While the presidential aide denied any such gift to Chibok parents, allegedly passed through their leaders, one parent, Mr Abdu Halidu, told the BBC that he got only N200, 000 from the money.

“I got only N200, 000 out of the said N100 million. Some of us got N300,000 and some less than that. Our leaders in Abuja are using the girls to enrich themselves and this is unacceptable.”


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