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>Boko Haram Bomb Mosque Near Emir’s Palace In Yobe

Fresh reports say suspected Boko Haram insurgents have bombed a mosque in Yobe State located not far from the palace of the Emir of Potiskum.
ALERT: Bomb Blast in a Mosque in Potsikum this evening. Details Later

— DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA (@DefenceInfoNG) July 29, 2014

According to Sahara Reporters, the blast killed 4 people.
Daily Trust provides that there were 2 separate suicide bombings at Mosques in Potiskum town, with 6 people killed.
The first bomber went to the Markas of members of Islamic Movement under Sheikh Ibrahim Alzak-zaky and detonated the bomb, while the other exploded in the mosque attached to the family house of Potiskum Chief Imam.
Resident close to the Chief Imam’s family house mosques, located close to the Emir of Fika’s palace confirmed to Daily Trust that 3 people were killed and several others injured:
“The suicide bomber came into the mosque shortly after the prayers started and detonated the bomb. Three people lost their lives and several others injured”
Regarding the bomb that detonated at the enclave of the Members of Islamic Movement under Sheikh Ibrahim Alzak-zaky the eye witness said:
“He came asking for Malam Salisu, we sent an errant to call him when he detonated the bomb leading to the death of three people and injuring many. They all died as martyrs.”

This is coming hours after the suspected militants killed 8 people in Katarko town of Yobe State while bombing the section of the bridge.
It would be recalled that the Nigerian authorities have recently extended the emergency rule declared last year in the Yobe, Borno and Adamawa for 6 more months despite the strong opposition from the states’ governors.


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